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09 Aug 2017

Some days before web browser didn’t mean quite a much for the any internet user but now they become an integral part of our lives now a day’s some of the passionate users support their browser as they like their Operating systems here I am going to discuss two most popular browser of this time Chrome and the Firefox. Although both the browser is made by the same developers. Chrome provides the best support to their customer if you are facing any issue then you can contact to the Chrome Customer Service here you will get the support number of the support team. 

-          Chrome is more polished, Firefox is more customizable 

Google makes a lot of effort into making chrome look nice than any average browser you will get a great experience while using this, on other hand Firefox provides a lot of control over how it looks and operates, many of people says chrome is much-organized browser it is not smoother, faster and it have lot of cool extra features like application shortcuts and extensions it feels like this is a more mature browser on the other hand in the Firefox you can customize everything this is little slower than the chrome it, it may not have any big feature but you can configure it to the tiniest details. 

-          Chrome crashes more & Firefox too 

When you open a lot of tab in the Firefox and Chrome then chrome will take more memory than the Firefox takes for the same amount of tab opened. Firefox recovers the previous session when crashed chrome on the other hand, sometimes it fails in recovery, this opinion may be just opposite for the different users. You can use the great suspender extension in your chrome browser that automatically suspends tabs after a set amount of time in this the tabs are opened but they don’t consume any memory. Both the browser have their issues if you open a lot of tabs in them especially on the less memory computer or device its solution is only how you manage your tabs efficiently only open tab that you are working on close all unnecessary tabs that are not in use and use the extension like the great suspender if needed. 

If you face much more issue then you can contact to the Chrome Customer Care for the solution you can visit us for the support number of chrome technical team. 



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