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25 Jul 2017

Before calling your ISP for any assistance, try these easy Tenda Router fixes for solving your problem. 


Tenda is a Chinese multinational company which manufactures and sells networking devices. There are various router devices of this company which is available in the market. The users are experiencing stable, fast and reliable Wi-Fi speed while using Tenda Routers. 

But with some amazing experience of using it, they are also facing some trouble while using the Internet. Some of the easy solutions to troubleshoot this internet problem are: 

1.    Ping it! 

First, try performing a Ping Test to check if you can connect to the outside world. For this work, Ping utilities are available where you have to just ping a website using Windows in which you have to open a command prompt. Type “Ping” followed by the IP address of the site you want to ping. For example, type Ping to ping Google.  

If you are not getting the results, you are having a problem with your router or with your service provider.  

2.    Look at your Tenda Router’s LED 

If it is getting difficult to connect to the Internet, take a look at your Tenda router’s LED indicator status. The router is probably unplugged when there are no lights at all. Reconnect your power cord after disconnecting your router cord. 

If you have a DSL or any cable, check that your modem is getting power or not.  

After going through all process, still there occurs a problem, call the Tenda Router Customer Service for help. 


3.    Change the Channel 

Tenda Router can use any one of 14 frequencies, or channels for receiving and sending data. It uses 2.4 GHz band and most of these channels overlap. The most frequently used channels are 1, 6, and 11. You may experience channel interference if your Wi-Fi connection is patchy.  

If the channel of Tenda Router is set to Auto, try to set it to another channel. This will improve your connection. 


4.    Check your Cable Connection 

If you are using a cable splitter, make sure that each connection is tight and every connector is properly crimped. If it looks suspect, try replacing it.  


Anyone who didn’t get all these fixes clearly can contact Tenda Router Support team for further technical assistance.   

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