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9 Aug 2017

For both windows 10 and Mac, Microsoft office 2016 is freely available but still, there are many problems occur during using it. Recently, an official web page has been released which describes most of the issues generated in office and also provided their fixes. By this article, I have added some more list of the issue and their fixes.

·         After upgrade of windows 10, you can’t find office apps.

By default, windows do not pin the apps to start menu or the taskbar but still, there are some ways to open office applications from the start screen and in windows 10 a taskbar.

·         Can’t open or save office file after upgrade to windows 10.

After an update, it will be fixed. Before it happens, you can also visit...

9 Aug 2017

When ever you purchase a new domain name, you had the option of creating an email address which had your domain name in it. The only problem was that the email interface was awful. I have listened that it is possible to use Gmail with the custom domain name, but always want to learn how to do it. I was expecting it to be difficult and time-consuming but luckily it is not time-consuming as well as very easy to do this. Here I am going to explain the steps of doing this if you have any problem in doing this then you can contact on Gmail Support


Why you might want to use Gmail with your custom domain: 

  1. If you have a custom domain email address then you will appear more professional 

  1. Most of the email software included with your web host...

9 Aug 2017

Some days before web browser didn’t mean quite a much for the any internet user but now they become an integral part of our lives now a day’s some of the passionate users support their browser as they like their Operating systems here I am going to discuss two most popular browser of this time Chrome and the Firefox. Although both the browser is made by the same developers. Chrome provides the best support to their customer if you are facing any issue then you can contact to the Chrome Customer Service here you will get the support number of the support team. 

-          Chrome is more polished, Firefox is more customizable 

Google makes a lot of effort into making chrome look nice than any average browser you will get a great...

25 Jul 2017

Before calling your ISP for any assistance, try these easy Tenda Router fixes for solving your problem. 


Tenda is a Chinese multinational company which manufactures and sells networking devices. There are various router devices of this company which is available in the market. The users are experiencing stable, fast and reliable Wi-Fi speed while using Tenda Routers. 

But with some amazing experience of using it, they are also facing some trouble while using the Internet. Some of the easy solutions to troubleshoot this internet problem are: 

1.    Ping it! 

First, try performing a Ping Test to check if you can connect to the outside world. For this work, Ping utilities are available where you have to just ping a website using Windows in...